It is customary to tip your staff at the conclusion of your stay.
An appropriate gratuity is 10-15% of the villa rental.

This would be divided among the staff members according to their
seniority and service provided.

It is also appropriate to tip your van driver approximately 10% after they drop you off at the airport on your return home.

Typically the largest tip percentage would go to the cook, with the remained divided up among the other staff members.

We typically place the tip in individual envelopes for each staff member.
We give it to them when the van picks us up to leave for the airport.

Here is a table showing suggested tip percentages for each staff member at Sea Grapes.

House Manager/CookKerlene28%
Assistant HousekeeperBlossom24%
HousekeeperLaura Lee24%

These numbers are suggestions and you can certainly vary them depending on your
experience with each staff member.