The staff are the soul of any villa. It is often your villa staff, with their lively humour and willing ways that you remember most fondly about your entire villa experience.

Your butler is Robbie, who discretely appears at the right moment with your drink in the evening and resurfaces in the early morning tending to your garden in an entirely different role.

Your house keeper, Laura Lee , always has a ready smile during any part of her lovingly attentive work keeping up with your family holiday.

Blossom, your assistant housekeeper, whom you are not sure if she is really there until you ask for her, them she appears before you know it.

Kurline – the house manager.
Nothing passes Kurline unnoticed. She has a keen eye on everything that will keep your holiday running seamlessly.
She operates quietly from the kitchen , but is firmly in charge as she defines the next flavour you are about to experience.