It is suggested for you to work out a menu plan with Kurline the day after you arrive and she will go to the local market and stock up on your groceries for the week. This is a very simple procedure as Kurline has had much experience in catering to visitors and has many recommendations to make your selection easy. Kurline will know what you would need for the week and brings back receipts to account for all your purchases.

Budget Estimate

Kitchen supplies are prepurchased to provide meals and drinks for the first 2 days. Please meet with Kurlene on your second day to complete the week’s shopping At the end of the week, Kurlene presents all receipts to reconcile accounts for purchases.

  • approx $300 /adult /week – for children budget less – this may vary.
  • approx $40 /day adult
  • approx $20 /day children

Shrimp, Lobster, Imported Beef and additional alcohol may increase your budget.

Pre Paying For Supplies

You may prepay for your groceries and have your kitchen stocked for when you arrive. Topping up your stock is always possible when you are at Seagrapes.To do this, simply calculate:

  • $300 /week /adult
  • $140 /week /child

Add $25 as a handling fee then add this figure to your villa rental fee. This payment is required 60 days prior to travel. There will be a form when you enter our “BOOKING” area for you to add:

  • preferences for your shopping list
  • specially desired meals – such as “Bacon and Eggs” each morning.
  • vegetarian requests
  • and other requests.

KURLINE will know what to purchase for guests. Jamaican and international menu.